Today’s TMI: ‘Choco Pie’

Did you know that one of the most popular snacks in Korea is ‘Choco Pie’? Did you know that ‘Choco Pie’ has a long record of history? If you did not know, you are not alone!

‘Choco Pie’ is a chocolate-covered sandwich with marshmallow fillings. While it seems like a simple snack, it contains its long history.

The original ‘Choco Pie’ was founded by Orion. Officially established in 1956, Orion successfully launched its first Korean snack company. 

For a long time, North Korea imported  ‘Choco Pies’. In fact, many North Korean even used it as a currency because of its popularity. Unfortunately, however, this was regarded  disgraceful, and  North Korean government. officially banned the sellings of‘’Choco Pie’ in 2014. 

There are also conflicts between companies trying to seize its authority over ‘Choco Pie’.  Recently, Lotte company released their own ‘Choco Pie’, which made the Orion to sue Lotte for copying their product. However, the court acknowledged Lotte’s trademark rights. Not only Lotte, though, the company Haitai and Crown all came up with their own versions of ‘Choco Pie’. 

Because of this long history, there are many different kinds of ‘Choco Pies’, all with different flavors and sizes. If you like to eat ‘Choco Pies’, why don’t you check the brand before you eat?

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        -Written By: Isabella Park