The Road and Future Prospects of Seoul Scholars Football To Date (Part 2)

The Second Match was held at Yongin Respia Park, on April 26 2023. Starting members were Ryuan, Chris Chi, Minkyu Kwon, Jiheon Ryu, Jiho Ryu, Jinwoo Song, Chunghyeop Lee, Hyunwon Ro, Jake Kim, Yejun Kim, and Taewon Heo. Compared to this season(2023-24) more than a half members changed, we expected an easy victory. We used 3 backs to focus on taking offensive movements mainly. However, one of the most basic things, which was passing. Our build-up in the defensive area was not working fluently, then the BIS coach noticed that we are weak at carrying the ball and short-passing. It led BIS players to put pressure on our defenders to bring the ball under pressure, which was an innovative choice for them. Still, we did not lower the line and we just kept focusing on making chances. Finally we lost 4:0, but we thought we found the route to score the goal. Later, SSI won 4:1 against BIS at the Cornerstone-Cup that was held on April 20 of 2024. 

Next journey of SSI WHITE WOLVES took place at Daechi Reservoir Park with CCAS, last season champion of Cornerstone-Cup. Chunghyeop Lee and White Wolves were full-filled with enthusiasm to fight against the CCAS. However, Fayston was never an easy team with a new team with lack of experience. SSI again lost by 7:1, still we fought against them. Though Yejun scored fantastic goals, we let them score 7 goals. During the game, we decided to change the position of Chunghyeop Lee. Originally, Chunghyeop was playing as a winger, but Chunghyeop Lee decided to play as Center back. After we changed the position, the game became stable, but we could not still build up the ball. We felt that CCAS was the team that was imitable. Still, White Wolves never lose confidence and enthusiasm. 

Saint Paul was the last page of the 2022-23 Season for SSI WHITE WOLVES, we have resolution to become tenacious for the game. After the game started, we let Saint Paul score 2 goals in the first 10 minutes. After 15 minutes, Yejun assisted Minkyu to score beautifully. But we led Saint Paul to score another goal, there was no dramatic victory. Still, no one lost confidence, on the contrary all members were full of enthusiasm. See you at the next season 2023-24, we prepared a lot to make our school proud.

By. Chunghyeop Lee