Soccer Match

The SSI soccer team had a match against CCAS last week. After winning their previous game against SPPS, they confidently and determinedly entered the match. Also, they had a new coach for soccer so they went to that practice every Friday and Sunday so they had a good strategy. However, the game turned out to be very bleak. While the first half was evenly matched, during the second half, one of SSI’s defensive players, Hyeongju, got injured, causing SSI to start crumbling. He had been carrying an injury risk for a long time but decided to play through it, so it was an inevitable outcome. His injury was quite serious, so he decided to take some time off school to focus on treatment. After he left, Mingyu and Jaehoon scored two goals but ultimately lost 12-2. The result is also sad but the saddest thing is we lost one of our best players and even Ms. Rachel came to encourage us for the first time but we could not win.

By. Jason Lee