Effects of COVID-19 on Korean Music Industry

Due to the global  widespread of the Coronavirus, people are joining the social distancing campaign.

While this campaign has been beneficial  to our safety, it has been severely  threatening the music industry as well. For example. the entertainment management agencies are inevitably cancelling the concerts and events. 

Famous Korean artists such as ‘BTS’ and ‘TWICE’ have  already cancelled most of their concert tours. This led to a huge financial loss, requiring  refunds of the concert  tickets. Moreover, entertainment management agencies can no longer sell the concert merchandises or use stage equipments, which also led to a huge waste of efforts and money.

Not only the company, but also the artists are suffering from this current situation. For instance, while all the music programs in Korea used to have fans and audiences who cheered for their singers, now there are no audiences to uplift the mood due to the social distancing.  Several artists are reporting the loneliness and the quietness while performing on stage. 

Coronavirus has been spreading for several months and it still doesn’t seem to decrease. People worldwide, especially those engaged in music entertainment business, are desperately hoping for the coronavirus to come to an end.

-Written By: Ah Yoon Chung