SSI White Wolves Soccer Match

On January 22, SSI’s soccer team had a match against GIS. This game was arranged through an exchange with students from SSI, which was previously an event. However, the weather on the day of the match was -7 degrees Celsius with a wind chill of -14 degrees Celsius. Despite such weather conditions, the game proceeded because it took more work to reschedule the match due to the distance the GIS students had to travel. Even in these circumstances, over 15 SSI students came to cheer, along with Mr. Stuart, the coach of the SSI soccer club, and Ms. Jessica, the English teacher at SSI. The first half began in the cold, with slippery conditions on the field due to snowfall the previous day, causing both teams to struggle to display their true abilities. Unfortunately, a goal was scored by GIS through a series of passes. This put GIS ahead 1-0 at halftime, and despite injuries to SSI students during the first half, there were no significant changes. Before the start of the second half, our SSI soccer team captain, Lee Chung-hyeup, brought a box of hand warmers for the spectators and handed them out to the players. The second half proceeded without any goals or changes in score for either team. After the game, our school players were very disappointed, and many suffered injuries. Although the result was unfavorable, the SSI players who showed great effort and dedication made us proud.

By. Jason Lee