Create Your Own Artwork This Fall

Most outdoor activities are canceled due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. However, indoor activities are still ongoing. In fact, many individual indoor activities, such as cooking, solving puzzles, and creating artworks are trending. There are many different types of artworks that are classified as such, for example, paintings, short stories, and poems. Everyone can be their own artist, exploring thousands of possibilities in painting and drawing. Not only do they allow themselves to express their emotions in unique ways, but they are also able to combat their own difficulties.

The Coronavirus pandemic is historically significant because of the huge impact it has on people. Aristotle once said that, “Man is a social animal.” However as social interactions are discouraged and maintaining social distance is prioritized, many people are getting vulnerable to depression from long-term isolation. Despite the loneliness created by solitude, creating artworks can help overcoming depression. According to Business Insider, a study reports that creating artworks reduces levels of stress hormones (cortisols). When the participants were told to draw or paint for 45 minutes, their cortisol level dropped significantly, from 18 ng/mL to 15 ng/mL. Knowing that creating an artwork can lower stress levels–especially in this exhausting situation–can be extremely helpful because artworks can also reflect on each individual’s mental health, while the world focuses only on the whole and as a society.