Being Safe From Coronavirus

Stuck in home for days, we are currently undergoing the biggest threat, ‘Coronavirus’.

Now, what can we do to protect ourselves from this deadly disease? Many health authorities, all over the world, are providing basic protective measures against coronavirus. To take care of our own health and of the others, they suggest four things in common. 

First, wash your hands frequently. Virus can be passed on quickly by just a touch from others; cleaning hands either with a soap or an alcohol-based sanitizers will kill viruses left on your hands. 

Second, avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth.  Once exposed to virus, touching parts of the face with unsanitary hands can transfer and make you sick. 

Third, keep the social distance. Maintaining a distance around a meter with others is very crucial. When someone coughs or sneezes, they end up spreading the  small liquid droplets, which might contain viruses. 

Lastly, practice respiratory hygiene or cough etiquette regularly. To reduce the transmissions and further infections, keeping the contagious sneezes to oneself  is critical. Covering mouth with sleeves or tissues are examples of proper hygiene. 

Keep in mind of these simple actions and spread this to others as well for your and their safety.

-Written By: Hyewon So