Appearance of News Anchor in Jeju Sparks Debate Online

The Jeju provincial government just appointed a special female news anchor for its weekly YouTube program. She appeared on a broadcast on March 12 and introduced herself as J-NA by announcing that she is going to present local news. She gets paid nothing as her salary. It sounds like she should charge the company, she does not need to do so as she is a virtual human. The name, J-NA, is formed from the first letters of Jeju News AI as well. It operates by inserting news scripts that are written by ChatGPT into an AI generation program, not by big data learning. She can also change her dress, gesture, and even voice tone. Even though she never gets paid, the company pays about 450 dollars to create and manage her a month. 

However, some netizens are not pleased with her. The reason why some people disapprove of her is that she is not an actual human so they feel reluctance and animosity. Furthermore, AI technology is still somewhat awkward and unnatural. Due to the steep developments of AI techniques, people are threatening to lose their jobs, so some netizens expressed annoyance at AI skills taking over human jobs. 

While there are many critics, it also has people who have positive thoughts. They stated it as a nice try. By using this technology, the company becomes able to create news regardless of place and time, they also reduce the cost. 

Weekly News replied to the critics about her awkward voice by claiming that they are still in the early stages of introducing AI generation programs, and they are continuing to improve the program with a development company. Additionally, the Jeju government expressed its intention to create a new male version of the virtual presenter.

By. Minkyu Jung