Why not online books??

Students may think that reading books during school year is tiresome. But there is a way to reduce the effort. Reading books online can be very advantageous for many reasons. Not only does it save the environment but it also saves you money. Many online books offered online tend to be cheaper than their printed counterparts.


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Online books are practical for carrying around because they have no weight. Carrying three books online is no different from carrying 100 books. 

Some book lovers argue that actual books have the charm of flipping through pages. But this depends more on the type of person. Some may find the iPad to be more useful because of the techniques. For example, the device may help a student read a new vocabulary word. 

New modifications could be made to make reading similar to a game. This way, students who are not close to books could find an alternative way to get used to reading.

  -Written By: Isabella Park