Korean Web Portals Shut Down Comment Sections on Celebrity News

Korean famous web portal ‘Naver’ has decided to temporarily shut down the comment sections on the celebrity news from last month. The main reason for this shut down policy is due to the numerous negative comments towards the celebrities, which made the celebrities suffer through stress and led to tragic events such as suicide. Not only Naver, but also other web portals in Korea are having this system in order to prevent these tragedies.

The people who support and cheer for the shut down of the comments are the mostly because of the negative comments. Many celebrities spoke up about this topic as well. A famous Korean comedian Park Myung Soo showed his opinion in his radio, saying that “If this policy was enforced earlier, a lot of lives would have been saved.” Also, a popular Korean artist Hot Felt said that “I was afraid to click my articles at the past, but as the comments disappeared, I can see the article as the article itself, which helps with my mental health.” in her interview. 

Currently, it has been almost two month from the implementation of this policy, and ‘Naver’ has yet mentioned about whether the system will be permanently suspended, and said that it will do its best to make the system more in a responsible culture of communication.

-Written By: Ahyoon Chung