Why COVID-19 is good for the Mafia.

A recent report from CNN claims that three Italian mafia bosses were released from prison to be held under house arrest. This transfer was authorized by the Italian government’s new regulation that requires prisoners, who have 18 months or less left in their prison terms, to be subject to house arrest. 

Although the law was passed as a safety measure for the coronavirus, the government’s decision has received much backlash for reflecting apathetic sentiments towards mafia victims as well as for potentially risking Italy’s economy. 

Borghese, Livia, and Robert Iddiols. “Several Italian Mafia Bosses Released from Prison over Coronavirus Fears.” CNN , 26 Apr. 2020, https://edition.cnn.com/2020/04/25/europe/mafia-bosses-italy-coronavirus-trnd/index.html.

In fact, national anti-mafia prosecutor of Italy, Cafiero de Raho, reported to CNN about how mafia groups can take advantage of financially vulnerable businesses who are prone to accepting resources from such criminal organizations. 

He provides a plausible judgement considering how a news piece published by The Guardian on April 10, reported that anti-mafia investigators have detected Mafia groups providing essential resources to those who struggle to cope with COVID-19. Their actions were also interpreted as an attempt to exploit those residents in order to advance their own criminal interests as well. 

       -Written By: Tae Yeon Han