Today’s Humor: ‘Shower thoughts’

If You’re Bored, Read This.

(Social Newsletter) 

Random yet strangely profound ideas that are shower thoughts present themselves as new sources of entertainment for quarantined households.

With the events of the Corona epidemic, quarantining the entire world has, unfortunately, developed a new Corona symptom:  the symptom of boredom. The struggle of finding something to amuse ourselves with, within the confined spaces of our homes, has inflicted upon everyone. Including me!

In fact, I have reached the ultimate level of boredom such that neither Youtube nor a good Netflix series could entertain myself. That is until I found myself scrolling through a long list of “shower thoughts” online. 

The Funniest, Weirdest And Most Profound ‘Shower Thoughts’ On Reddit This Week by Lee Moran

I must say that wasting time reading these shower thoughts has brought the greatest joy in my 1-month-long quarantined life. It has made waiting out the tedious hours of staying inside somewhat bearable. Reading such shower thoughts revealed a clever way of reevaluating the ordinary aspects of our world. In fact, during my time being quarantined, I would ask myself: if you’re awake at 3 AM in the morning, are you considered to be up late or early? 

       -Written By: Tae Yeon Han