The Maze Runner: Novels vs. Movies

The Maze Runner is a well-known sci-fi movie made from a book. The staff members have well-done portraying the book intensely and realistically. 

The director and other staff members have added many factors to enhance the quality and tension of the movie. Accordingly, many differences have resulted in the plot of the movie and the book. The major difference is shown in the first series after the gladers escape the maze. The original plot schemed that the gladers meet the creators of the maze in the end. Inside the movie, however, the creators appear to have died or gone. Another difference is that the movie version of The Maze Runner was not filmed until the final series whereas the book was published until the ending that the author had intended. One of the reasons why the movie was not filmed until the end was because the company made fewer profits. 

The crews tried to add some vigor to the movie. They attempted to depict some action scenes as if it was real. Dylan O’Brien, the main character of The Maze Runner, has thereby made an effort to try the stunts himself. Of course, he lacked professionalism. He is an actor, not a stunt actor. He did get injured while filming a scene in “The Scorch trials.”

After experiencing the two variations, I prefer the movie because it accompanies many action scenes that amplify tension when watching the movie. Many books cannot provide the level of intensity that movies would conduct. 

By. Minjung Kwon