Switzerland’s Reaction Towards the Ukraine War

The war between Ukraine and Russia has brought the attention of every part of the world. Billions of dollars have been collected to help the Ukrainians who are desperate to escape from the violence and casualties. Initiated by the military invasion of Russia to Ukraine on February 24, 2022, it forced millions of civilians living in Ukraine to flee their homes and seek security and safety (Conflict in Ukraine | global conflict tracker).

As there are copious countries that have revealed their support for Ukraine, such as the United States, South Korea, and more, the decision made by Switzerland is certainly unique. Switzerland has remained neutral in major battles of history, including the Napoleonic War and World War II. In short, Switzerland has defined itself as a neutral country.

 Nonetheless, during the Ukraine-Russia War, its Foreign Ministry voiced that “Switzerland condemns Russia’s military intervention against Ukraine and urges Russia to immediately cease military aggression and withdraw its troops from Ukrainian territory.” It also mentioned that “Switzerland is committed to a political solution to the conflict … if the conflict parties desire this” (Donmez). In response to their broken neutrality, additional 206 names were added to the blacklist that incorporate Russian and Belarusian businessmen and oligarchs. For example, the new sanctions list or the blacklist includes Roman Abramovich, “who is accused of having long-standing ties with the Russian president” (Swiss extend blacklist over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine).

Whether which approach is more appropriate to help Ukraine, the government ministers were gathered to discuss further plans, including natural gas supplies, security, refugees, and “more humanitarian aid.” What divided up the parliament of Switzerland was the following; “right-wing and centre parliamentarians called for an increase in …defense spending, while left-wing politicians focused on boosting humanitarian aid and economic sanctions” (Swiss extend blacklist over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine).

It would be essential to check up on any possible updates regarding the situation between Russia and Ukraine and the new announcements by non-neutral countries. Whether it would be resolved in peace is unanticipated. 

By. Jiyoon Ryu

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