What makes a masterpiece and another masterpiece different?

Disclaimer: This is a warning statement that the following article may contain spoilers about the novel The Hunger Games written by Suzanne Collins and the movie The Hunger Games directed by Gary Ross.

“Thank you for your consideration.” That was what Katniss Everdeen said when she was finally able to get the attention of the inattentive judges after shooting an arrow near them. This iconic and ironic statement is portrayed in both the novel and the movie versions of The Hunger Games. Likewise, when a novel is made as a movie, most of the storylines and  details like specific lines from the novel are portrayed in a similar manner. In fact, many fans of the novel react to the movie based on how well it represented the fundamental aspects of the book. 

However, there are also some dissimilarities that occur when a novel is converted into a movie. One of the major differences is that while the novel focuses on textual, verbal expressions, the movie utilizes nonverbal expressions. Although this difference is involuntarily created due to the different types of media they use, it can create a huge contrast in the effects they have on the audience. 

Verbal expressions of the novel often produce various images in the readers’ minds. For instance, the flaming costumes that Katniss and Peeta wore in the opening ceremonies would be different for each reader. Also, the forest where the Hunger Games happened would be designed differently depending on the experiences of the forest and the imaginations of the readers. Since these images are created by the readers’ own imaginations, they may not be as clear and similar as those shown in the movie. However, they will create a lasting impression on the readers as they consist of a personal touch.

On the other hand, the movie can induce different emotions through nonverbal expressions. For instance, the sound effects of the movie create different atmospheres. For example, when Katniss is facing danger, a piece of suspensive music accommodates the tension of the event. Moreover, fast shifts in screens of the events that are happening and showing Katniss’s point of view while she is running can intimidate the readers. Such auditory and visual effects that books cannot achieve can deliver diverse emotions to the readers. 

To sum up, both the novel and the movie have their own strengths, which entertain the audiences in a variety of ways. 

By. Miso Kim

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