What’s your most memorable character?

What makes a character the greatest of all times? What makes Ironman’s death the one that breaks everyone’s heart but Thanos’ death the justifiable one? What makes some characters as sources of allusion – a reference to a famous character or work that imposes a meaning on the subject of the comparison – while others as forgotten? The standard will vary by different people and their perspectives, but is there a universal standard that applies to all?

  1. Once or is unstable
    No hardships, no best characters. All writers that want to write characters that remain in people’s minds for at least 10 years should definitely keep this in mind. It is quite hard to relate to a perfect person because there are none in real life. In order to approach the readers wholeheartedly, the author needs to make the character go through a hardship that makes the audience empathetic to the character.
  2. Loves someone
    Classics, huh? You know what they say: classics are the best. These small, cheesy scenes are what really make the characters relatable to the readers. Regardless of whether love is reciprocated, the love itself makes the readers sympathize with the character. Heartbroken love makes the readers truly understand the character.
  3. Has his or her own motto in life
    Personal beliefs – whether that is good or bad – make the character special and memorable. For instance, Captain America is known for staying moral among a corrupted society. If Captain America did not maintain his philosophy, then people would have liked him less than now. His morality makes him very likable.

By. Miso Kim