“Little Women”

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Movie “Little Women” will indeed make you curious about the original story. 

“Little Women” is  a novel written by Louisa May Alcott, which you might have read during literature classes. 

This novel was recreated as a movie by director Greta Gerwig, and it brought a lot of interests. While most people were hesitant towards going to the theater due to coronavirus, some people still insisted on going to the theater, demonstrating the movie’s popularity.

“Little Women” tells the story of four little women Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy during and after the Civil War. This movie focuses on mother-daughter relationships, sisters’ relationship, girls’ ambitions, and their marriage. Later on, the second child, Jo writes a book about themselves as an author, and finds herself satisfied of her published book as if she was the actual author of that book. 

“Little Women” is a highly recommended movie as it delivers many important messages and gives out different viewpoints from what you’ve experienced from previous Alcott’s novel. It would certainly make you regret not watching it.

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-Written by. Minsuh (Lauren) Kang