Offline Learning vs. Online Learning in SSI

When it comes to different kinds of learning, it could be divided up into two ways: offline and online learning. While offline learning is a conventional way of learning, due to the development of the Internet and applications, online classes are becoming more and more popular along with its many advantages. 

Online learning enables students to learn at their own pace as students can have full control over their learning. For example, students can speed up in parts that they already know, and focus more on the parts that they have hard times with. This would help them work faster and even better understand the materials according to their own learning tempo. 

Due to shorter periods, it maximizes the performance of many students. According to Salman Khan of Khan Academy, he claims that learning for a shorter period is more helpful for many students. He says that students would be able to better concentrate within a short time. Moreover, students would be able to digest the materials and remember it better if they have more time spaces in between, reinforcing the benefits of short-time learning.

Although some still say that offline classes are preferable, it is true that the online classes enable students to learn how to regulate their own pace of studying, to better focus their attention, and to increase the overall productivity. Therefore, I believe using multimedia and learning online is a fun and advantageous experience for students in SSI. 

-Written By: Eleanor Seo