The Most Wicked of All Time

Dolores Umbridge was first introduced in a Harry Potter series called the Order of the Phoenix. She came as a new professor at Hogwarts from the British Ministry of Magic and was hired mainly to evaluate and fire any teachers that were unsatisfactory to her. 

There are many factors in the reason why Dolores Umbridge is the most wicked character even if compared to the main antagonist, Voldemort. 

Dolores Umbridge was too controlling. She imposed strict laws and regulations in every aspect of students’ lives by illicitly invading students’ privacy and lives. She posted hundreds of word-carved planks on the walls in front of the cafeteria that contained rules and guidelines. 

She was also discriminatory. She possessed a hatred towards half-breeds, although she was later proven to be a half-blood as well. She was disappointed to find out that she was a half-blood and was let down by the fact that her parents are Muggles. 

Dolores Umbridge was also a criminal in disguise! She sent a Dementor after Harry on purpose to make him use magic to protect his cousin from the Dementor. She attempted purposefully to keep him silenced and to get him expelled from Hogwarts. Furthermore, she secretly was engaged with Voldemort’s regiment and was put on trial for using torture and violence as an excuse for punishment. 

In conclusion, Dolores Umbridge was too controlling, discriminatory, and felon-like to be regarded as a professor to respect. Due to her wicked behavior and nature, many readers show dislike and annoyance every time she appears throughout the book. In fact, the readers feel hatred more toward her than toward Voldemort. 

By. Minjung Kwon