Living With Our Environment – The Play “LUNGS”

Have you ever thought about the relationship between humans and the environment? The play “Lungs”, written by Duncan Macmillian, shows a flawed love on this Earth of the relationship between a normal woman, and a normal man. In this play, the unnamed couple shows their modern love relating to the social crisis and environmental problems. The couple discusses having a baby. Basically, the couple is talking about the carbon footprints that are created by having one child. According to the play review from The Guardian, the article summarizes this play as “the idealism to be “good people” (Akbar) and I also agree with this idea since I had also watched the play. The biggest reason that I am recommending this play is that it talks about not only the simple text of ‘love’, but also about love and relationships between people more deeply. I am also thinking about the problem of the idealism of love and some problems related to our environment, too.

The play mostly shows external problems. The part that I liked about this play is that external problems are not all the things that the play Lungs shows. According to the author Duncan Macmillan, he mentioned that the play is of some kind related to his actual life. He mentioned that he is still not done with the play, and the big play situation of human life is currently ongoing. Also, the reason that I recommend this play to people is that this play has very good text. Both the Korean version and the original version show deep texts.

Another part to recommend in this play is about the scenes. From the play reviews and relating to my experience, the scenes change to feel that the time is changing between day and night. The time changes to show their love, some kind of conflicts between the characters, their breakups, and finally their deaths, and the life after. The actions show the characters getting older, growing up, and gives the audience that they are getting old and rushed within the characters. The final text of the play finishes with “Anyway, I love you.” Following the final quote, I do recommend people to know more about the play to look over the character’s flawed, old, love on this flawed planet Earth.

By: Eunyoung So