Groundbreaking Facts About Vegan Diet

(Reviewing Netflix Documentary, “The Game Changers”)

This spectacular documentary, “The Game Changers” pioneers in nutrition, environment, and marketing fields in terms of a plant-based diet. It illustrates that avoiding animal products is inevitable to continue humanity on the earth. While some might think that science about various diets is such a tedious topic, it persuades the audience effectively with realistic and exciting examples in athletes. Indeed, well-structured development, as well as continuous groundbreaking facts, are enough to immerse the audience into the film. It breaks peoples’ misconceptions based on corroborated scientific facts. Among the diverse evidence of why humans should go vegan, there are three most interesting facts about a plant-based diet.

In the documentary film, multiple pieces of research are introduced. Dr. Fabian Kanz, forensic Pathologist, Medical University of Vienna, reveals that Roman gladiators were predominantly on a plant-based diet through measuring the amount of strontium in bone, meaning that the astonishing ancient fighters mostly ate plants and grains. While they were highly regarded as prized fighters in the Roman empire, they could receive better quality medical treatment as well as more considered nutrition management. It has been proven that veganism is the best diet not only to sustain the basic nutritions in the body, but also to completely utilize the immense potentiality of the body.

Most athletes never prefer avoiding meat to establish the foundation of muscle. However, they even should go vegan to get proteins instead of eating meat. In the documentary, the prominent doctor, James Loomis who is the former physician in St. Louis Rams and Cardinals indicates that humans are not required to shift to a vegan diet instead of eating proteins in an animal-based diet if they would like to strengthen their muscles. He says that animals people eat are the just Mediterranean between plants and humans to deliver few proteins which originated from plants. In some research, it turns out vegans intake 70 percent more proteins than meat-eaters. Additionally, carnivores get half of their proteins from healthy carbohydrates, which is the main nutrition in plants, starches, or grains.

In current days, mortality rates caused by diabetes, heart disease, and cancer are overwhelmingly high. Nobody can believe that there is one big cause of those diseases. Since the moment humanity was easily accessible to eating meat, lethal diseases brought about unavoidable tragedy to humanity. According to the documentary, it is substantiated that the carnivore diet is the major reason for health deterioration and precipitous death. For example, it observes that people in animal diets have a 75 times higher risk of “premature death from all causes 400-500 percent increased risk of death from most forms of cancer prostate breast colon or type two diabetes.”

Other than that, one of the most enlightening documentaries, “The Game Changers” answers which advantages does a plant-based diet have, how humans’ bodies are not designed to intake meat, and if there are other impacts on the environment if people go vegan. It is truly the most groundbreaking and inspiring masterpiece ever.

By: Soohyun Nam