Korean Music in Fall

Many start to feel lethargic or lonely as the season changes to fall, and the weather gets colder and the sun gets shorter. So, at this period, our playlists mostly contain soft and emotional music. According to the music charts, the top ranked songs from September to November have been mainly soft and emotional ballads throughout the following years. For example, in 1982, the biggest hit song of fall was ‘Forgotten Season’ by “Lee Yong”. The song was made only with his voice and a guitar, which maximizes the feeling of emptiness. Even though 30 years have passed, it is still ranked as the number one song to listen to during autumn. Now, as K-pop has spread all over the world, it is difficult to find songs that stick with past music styles. 

On the bright side, however, the characteristics of fall music haven’t changed. In 2017, the song ‘Missing You’, released in October by the idol group “BTOB”, was popular. Since technologies in recording have developed a lot over the past few years, the songs deliver different harmonic sounds compared to the ones in the 1900s. The song contains much more fancy and powerful instruments, such as piano, with more vocals and raps. Despite this distinct difference, this song represents the atmosphere of fall because of its content. Missing You and Forgotten Season both tell about farewell and give the listeners feelings of loneliness and emptiness which perfectly match with the windy weather in autumn. So, if you want to feel the atmosphere of fall, why don’t you try listening to these types of songs? 

by. Ah Yoon Chung