Lighting Candles for Fall

The wind joins the colorful leaves dancing along the sidewalks. Fall is a season full of excitement and color. There are so many things to do during fall, such as picking apples, raking leaves, or just simply taking a walk. However, Covid-19 has kept us away from the events, but don’t worry! There are still  lots of indoor activities waiting for you. One of them is candle-making. You may wonder why make candles, when there are stores already providing them. However, did you know that the sold candles contain harmful chemicals? Therefore, instead, making DIY candles will both benefit your enjoyment and health. 

Modern candles not only brighten up the mood but also diffuse sweet flagrant. What scent reminds you of autumn? For me, it would be the smell of the pumpkin pie. That being said, I would like to introduce how to make DIY Pumpkin Pie à la Mode Candles.

Ingredients: Canning jars, Soy wax chips, Wicks and holder, Vanilla bean, Ground pumpkin spice (combination of ground nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, and allspice), Ground cinnamon, Knife and cutting board, Bowl and pot, Chopsticks, and Scissors

Step 1) Shake out an appropriate amount of wax that fits within your prepared jar. Melt the wax chips by putting them in a bowl while having a larger bowl beneath it with hot water. Be careful not to get burned or spill water into the wax!

Step 2) Using a knife, bring several vanilla beans and scrape the inside by dividing the seeds and core. By using a knife, split the vanilla beans lengthwise. 

Step 3) After all the wax melts, dip the end of the wick holder and adjust it to the jar.(refer to the picture below.)

Step 4) Keep the wick in place by using a chopstick.

Step 5 ) Add cinnamon, pumpkin spice, vanilla seeds, and vanilla beans into the melted wax. Use a stick to mix it thoroughly.

Step 6) Pour the mixed wax into the jar gently to avoid knocking the balanced wick.

Step 7) Let the wax cool for 10-15 minutes until it hardens.

Step 8) Trim the wick and light the candle!

Making candles may seem very complicated when you see the high quality ones behind the windows. However, it turns out they aren’t that tricky to make. Try lightening up your house with warm fargances of pumpkin pie!

by. Hyewon So