Books for Fall

As the famous quote says “fall is a season for reading,” fall is undeniably the best season to read a book. Hence, I thought it would be nice to recommend a number of books that may enrich your autumnal experience. Furthermore, for those people who get easily bored with reading, I have other recommendations such as movies and food to commemorate the short-term season during the year.

  • ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ by Jenny Han

A simple summary of the book : There were a total of 5 unsent love letters to all the boys that Lara, the main character, had loved before. The letters were kept secret only to her until her sister sent out the letters for Lara to find a romance. One of the letters was for her older sister’s ex boyfriend. To avoid an awkward situation, she decides to fake date Josh, which apparently leads to a twist situation. 

The reason I picked this book is that it contains both sweetness and romance in the plot. When the weather gets cold, most people tend to look for something that can warm their heart. I thought that this book would warm your heart. For all potential readers, chips with coke or french fries with milkshake combination would be perfectly fit with the tone of the book. These will make readers concentrate on more. 

  • ‘Miracle of the Namiya General Store’ by Keigo Higashino

In 1980, the Namiya General Store became popular among citizens after its owner, Yūji Namiya, accepted people’ letters to seek advice for anything troubling them, similar to an agony aunt. When the store was closed, people would drop their letters through a hole in the roll-up door, collected in a mailbox, and would receive a handwritten reply from Namiya in a milk box hung outside. In 2012, three delinquents-Atsuya, Shota, and Kohei-took shelter in the abandoned Namiya General Store after committing some wrongdoings. Staying until the morning, the boys’ pillaging was mysteriously interrupted by an advice letter being posted, although nobody was outside… 

I picked this book because the book has a mysterious and a warm atmosphere that makes people feel content. Moreover, the setting of the weather in this book is cold, which will make readers easy to focus on. While reading this book, having warm milk and sweet red bean buns are perfectly suitable if I could give any further recommendation. After finishing those books, you will get the taste of the reason why I recommended you to try out for these books. 

These are some recommendations for fall. These books are popular, so if you have spare time, try reading those!

by. Seoyoung Hwang

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