How to de-stress yourself from your finals

Finals have a notorious reputation being known as “the worst week of a college or high school student’s life,” accordingto Urban Dictionary. For SSI students, here is the guide 101 for the busy weeks ahead to feel less anxious and more organized.

1. Regular Sleep: Sleep is the most essential aspect of our daily lives yet it holds a low priority during finals week. It also helps with maintaining long-term memory.

2. Good Nutrition: Did you know that proper nutrition actually helps you to function better and stay alert? Here are some suggestions that might be helpful:

– Avoid caffeine (because it disrupts the sleep cycle)

– Prepare healthy meals before finals week

3. Enough Hydration: Usually 8-ounce glasses of water are recommended to drink, however, if it is too difficult, try splitting up the number in your to-do list! 

4. Proper Movement: Most people need 2 hours and 30 minutes minimum of moderate aerobic activity a week. So, move at least for 30 minutes a day!

5. Stress Relief:  50/10 Rule: Work in 50 minute chunks and use the last 10 minutes to give your body a break from what you have been studying.

In order to keep in track of all these, plan out what you want to study each day and schedule some of the above self-care tips into your checklist to find time to create a balance between studying and taking self-care breaks. Good luck!

Written By: Eleanor Seo