Heart Signal Season 3, Back to Top!

While other K-dramas went popular along with different TV shows, Heart Signal 3 came to top as a reality show which was released from March in South Korea. It contains some elements from K-dramas such as romance or some competition between love. This show basically has judgments and anticipations from people like Yoon Shi Yoon, Han Hye Jin, and P.O who watch 4 couples and figure out their love line. 

Before this show got released, there were some controversies with cast members’ past attitudes and their hidden personalities, however, it should be focused on this show’s purpose, not their personal life since they are ordinary people, not celebrities. 

Six strangers get to live in one Signal house and they live as they used to. However, 4 men and 4 women get to have a date with someone they would like to and create some love lines between them. Although the eight cast members are in total, the last man that they nicknamed him “the lion” and another woman come later to suspense a bit. 

 Every episode has its mission to have a date in a different location and with different people. All 8 members have different characteristics and also different jobs, which is the main reason for watching this show: an interesting entertainment during the quarantine.

-Written By: Minsuh (Lauren) Kang