Hotel Transylvania

You can’t leave out movies on Halloween! Many people prefer horror movies that give chills down their spines and goosebumps all over their body. But for anti-horror people, I would like to introduce the “Hotel Transylvania” series. A line up that will bring laughter instead of screams.

What comes to your mind when you think of Halloween? While jack-o-lanterns, trick or treating, and costume parties come to your mind, the very first ones that come to mind are probably monsters of all kinds. While many children fear monsters for their unusual and fierce appearance, along with their harsh behaviors, this movie has successfully created the opposite.

Hotel Transylvania is a story of Count Dracula and his hotel specifically designed for monsters to rest and enjoy their vacation ‘safe from humans.’ Ironically, monsters in this world tend to fear humans more than humans fear them. Due to Dracula’s-or in short Drac’s- heartbreaking incident with humans such as losing his beloved wife, he has told all monsters to watch out for them. While all monsters feared humans, Drac’s daughter Mavis was the only one who wanted to explore the human world and learn more about it. Drac did his best to stop his daughter from leaving his hotel and run into danger until his daughter’s 118th birthday. The “human-free hotel” had an unexpected guest: an ordinary 21-year-old traveler named Jonathan. For the future of his hotel and most of the safety of his daughter, Drac must get Jonathan out of sight as quickly as possible. How did Drac solve this problem? What happened to Mavis and Jonathan? If you want to know, head to the sofa and turn on this sweet movie.

 Hotel Transylvania is not only fun but also heart-warming in many ways, as it is related to the family. Due to the popularity of the movie, two more movies have been made and the audience are expecting the fourth one in 2021. As this year Covid-19 expects to lock us all up in our cozy homes, why not watch a movie that every family member can enjoy?

by. Hyewon So

source : the wiki