A Special Voice

The movie “Coda” is about a 17-year-old girl named Ruby, who can hear well while her family is deaf. She helps her father and brother in their fishing business. She maintains the role of a translator, a fisherman, and a student. Ruby pursues a dream of a singer that clashes with the life of her family. As her family can not hear, Ruby is required to be with them for their translation in emergency situations. With a lot of pressure in hand, Ruby struggles to balance her dream and her family life.

The movie, “Coda”, is a great eye-opener to the world as it shows Ruby’s life, thoughts, and hardships. Ruby fights to become a singer as her family desperately needs her for their communication to the world, underlining the pressure that Ruby is facing. This movie is heart-warming and helps people understand what happens under the surface. The movie shows the perspective of deaf people and highlights their difficulties. One example of this is when Ruby was performing in her school concert towards the end of the movie. There was one clip where the movie would cut the sound, emphasizing the feelings of her deaf parents. As singing is unhearable to her parents, they find it very hard to understand her passion for music. In the end, her parents trust and support Ruby, letting her go.

I recommend this movie because people can learn a different perspective of life throughout the story. In the beginning, Ruby represented her family and was their voice. After Ruby left, her family found their own voice by socializing and letting people accept them for who they are. Due to this movie, people can realize the need of finding their own voice. “Coda” is an amazing story that is relatable and touching to many viewers.

By: Reea Kim