Why Gender crime is directly related to OUR safety

Gender Crime. It is an action that is committed on a specific gender. As time passes, this topic of gender crime is becoming much more dangerous and coming closer to our daily life. News keeps reporting about these gender crimes every day, which means that the target of the gender crime is becoming much closer to students, or people who are socially weak. These kinds of gender crimes are mostly affecting girls, particularly forming in violence which are socially not understandable.

Gender crime starts with such small things like physical punishment and continue to harsher crimes like child marriage, Honor Killings, or sexual crimes. These kinds of gender crimes seem to be really far from our life, but because of the development of online spaces, young kids and women who are interested in social network systems are also being targets of young kids and teenagers. As people know, and which is a common topic, these kinds of gender crimes are mostly targeting women. Examples of gender crimes are also showing that women are mostly the target of the gender crime. Several crimes are happening for NO reason, which is making this problem in a serious one, even though there is no crime that has no reason.  

The best way to solve the gender crime problem is to have much more harsh laws on these crimes, but before looking over the laws, preventing ourselves from crimes will be very important to our safety. Following the basic safety rules will be important, but the change of the recognition in gender crimes shall be changed too. Rather than thinking that gender crime is something far away from our life, knowing these crimes can happen anytime, anywhere, and to anyone, we can prevent more of these gender crimes.

By: Eunyoung So