SSI Open Campus in Apgujung

In 2021, during the Covid-19 pandemic, SSI opened an unconventional school in Apgujung for students who live in different regions around the globe. This school differentiates itself with the following features: a combination of on-and-off campus learning, interactive courses followed by customized counseling, and a unique interior design.

SSI Open Campus turns crisis into opportunity. Left with no other option but distance learning, an overwhelming majority of students are currently struggling with a sense of isolation, the lack of social support, and the sources of distractions in the “sea of information” as affirmed by various research. In other words, the pandemic has wrought an indefinite educational stagnation. Meanwhile, an innovative school solves such problems at once. SSI Open Campus provides online classes, too; the difference, however, is that students take on campus. Online learning at school allows students to interact with their peers and teachers and increases the level of concentration.

Students at SSI Open Campus can appreciate the advantages of both personal tutoring and private educational institutions. Throughout the school year, teachers can focus on each student through one-on-one conferences and address their needs and interests by updating the objectives and pace of learning. Moreover, students are encouraged to ask questions and share comments in and out of class thanks to the small class size and thoroughly learner-oriented curriculums. Under such a supportive environment, students not only select courses strategically but also maintain autonomous academic motivation, not to mention higher GPAs. 

Last but not least, SSI Open Campus has a modern, distinctive interior design. The central lounge is spacious and furnished with comfortable and cozy sofas, large desks, and study rooms with cubicles so that students are provided with diverse learning environments. This way, students can choose the optimal setting for class, study hall, and breaks every day.

Overall, SSI Open Campus offers a better, if not the best, educational environment for students.

By: Soohyun Nam