The Current Situation of Gender Wage Gap

Have you ever questioned if a lack of gender equality can be seen in daily life? As gender equality is an important topic discussed around the world, people are wondering how it affects their daily lives. Jobs are an essential part of everyday life. One important element when focusing on jobs is their wages. Although wages have a wide range, there is a lack of gender equality.

There is a huge wage gap between genders, and it is continuing to be a problem for a long time. Specifically, the majority of females receive lower wages than males for the same job. As shown by Sonam Sheth, Madison Hoff, Marguerite Ward, and Taylor Tyson, in the United States, the weekly earnings of females are 81.7% of males’ in 2020. The wage gap between genders is 18.3%, proving a lack of gender equality in wages. The wage gap has decreased over the past years but remains a severe problem. 

In the present day, females and males are not treated equally when it comes to wages. Even though many people are aware of the wage discrepancy, not many put effort into solving it. Some solutions are to increase the minimum salary and encourage pay transparency. Companies should support these solutions to reduce the gender wage gap and make the working environment comfortable for both genders.

By: Reea Kim