What Types of Careers Exist in the Fashion Industry?

People who are interested in fashion might be curious about what types of careers exist related to fashion. Most people would think that if people majored in fashion design, they could be a fashion designer. However, this is typically not the case. There are many jobs related to fashion. 

Fashion Designer 

Most people will come up with this job at first if they think about fashion-related jobs. This job requires creativity to make a pattern and design new clothes for customers. The job also needs sensitivity to follow the industry’s trend. 

Fashion Merchandiser

Fashion Merchandisers usually work with designers to make a lot of revenue. They analyze the data from buyers and forecast the trend to decide which products they should produce more or less of. Also, they promote the products. 

Visual Merchandiser 

Visual merchandisers promote the image of the industry. They promote products by visually designing the layout of the store, arrange the products to appeal to people to buy the products through eye-catching window displays, and dress the mannequins with their company’s products. 


Stylists usually work with artists. They match the clothes to their artist to make the client stand out. They are responsible for matching the clothes in the concept. 

Fashion Editor 

Fashion editors work in fashion magazines. They oversee the content and publication. They decide which concept of fashion looks should be included in magazines, curating photography, and decide which should be published or not. 

By: Woojin Jung