The Road and Future Prospects of Seoul Scholars Football To Date

The current season is 2023–24, which is the second season for football. Last season, 2022–23, was brimming with points that the SSI Wolves had to fix. Until pre-season, they didn’t know that they were going to lose any games. In the pre-season match between Kyunggi High School, the Wolves had a victory (4:3). Kyunggi High School had a lot of nice players, especially because they were famous for their strikers, but the Wolves still had a nice mood. Even more, in the match between Cornerstone, SSI beat them up with a score of 7:2. However, various problems were starting with the main members leaving school. Four important members left school right before the official season started. 

SSI White Wolves had a total of 4 matches with Cornerstone, Fayston, BIS, and Saint Paul. The first match started with Fayston. The forwards were Chunghyeop, Yejun, and Minkyu. The midfielders were Jake, Jiheon, Hyunwon, and Chris. The defenders were Ryuan, Jin, and Jiho. The goalkeeper was Taewon. The first half was very tight, but the Wolves started to fall apart while building up from defenders. Taewon blocked all the goals in the first half, however, after we had a goal kick miss. It directly led to the goal, which was a turning point for SSI as they started to lose confidence. However, the forwards decided to fight with full spirit. Right after Jin’s long kick landed on Chunghyeop, Chunghyeop missed a goal by an inch. Jake’s pass went to Chris, but Chris missed a goal with pace. Unfortunately, SSI lost with a score of 6:0. However, the football players did not lose their spirit; they wanted to improve constantly, which led them to study more about football strategy.

SSI’s chances were created by dribbling and long kicks. Usually, when the team uses five backs, they mostly invest in defenders, which could be interpreted as their defenders are not top-rated players in the team. SSI’s attack started with Fayston’s corner kick, but the corner kick was intercepted by Jin, he dribbled to the center circle, and his long kick was directly connected to Chunghyeop. The use of five-backs makes it hard to maintain the line of defenders. Then they are vulnerable to counterattacks. Yejun’s side dribble created another chance. This chance also started with a counterattack. In football, blocking the middle is the most important and basic thing. As a result, in 5 backs, 3 players in the middle might have the skilled ability to intercept, man-to-man defend, or have high physicality, and the rest of them are on the side, requiring the ability of high pace or nice ball-carrying skills. However, the two on SSI’s side were fragile under pressure and just having a high pace. Unfortunately, the Wolve’s strategy was to put the engine of the chance maker in the middle. Due to this, the opponent’s strategy was concentrated on the blocking middle, which led to fewer chances. Fayston’s performance was amazing, specifically, one of the members in Fayston, Austin, was understanding and defending with high intelligibility. Also, Fayston’s No. 7 and 10 players had nice dribbles that melted down SSI defenders. All Fayston’s players had nice manners and skills.

By. Chunghyeop Lee