Is the Tokyo Olympics Safe?

The Tokyo Olympics was initially planned last year. However, due to the global pandemic, it was delayed to June 23rd, 2021. Some people say that athletes should earn chances to show their ability, but on the other hand, Japan is one of the worst countries that deals with Covid-19. About 4% of the citizens are vaccinated and thousands of new patients are coming out everyday. Despite all of the concerns, Joan Coates, the IOC vice president, declared that there will be no delay or cancellation. In my opinion, the IOC should delay or cancel the Olympic games for both athletes and the crowds. It should be delayed until at least next year because most of the countries would be vaccinated. People all around the world would come and see the games, but there are too many risks and dangerous factors to enforce the event. Since the event is getting closer, the IOC should reconsider their decision.

By: Joonki Min