Prospects of Blockchain Technology in the Medical Field

Blockchain technology is a data distribution processing technology where all users jointly manage information used in transactions. It is named ‘blockchain’ because the trade between participants becomes a block and binds each relationship in a chain form. Cryptocurrency, which is why this technology first became popular, also attracted the public’s attention by applying the advantage that transparency is guaranteed because there are no central management and control institutions. Before Satoshi Nakamoto introduced blockchain technology, the central server had all the transaction information recorded, so when the server got stolen, the information had the possibility to get leaked. It was very vulnerable to security. But now, there’s no need to worry about safety. The blockchain system doesn’t require a central server and distributed transactions to all users. With the development of technology, blockchain allowed encryption to be applied during the distribution process, strengthening security. 

Blockchain technology is currently being used in multiple fields such as finance, logistics, manufacturing, and social services due to its strong reliability and security. Public areas where the integrity of data sources is required are the main fields the system is used. It can also be utilized in medical fields. The current problem with the medical field is that medical institutions mainly operate the medical information system. Under the current system, sharing medical information is not allowed unless requested by the patient due to personal information protection. Therefore, restrictions on the development of medical technology and restrictions on medical information exchange are the main problems. If blockchain technology becomes a patient-centered system rather than a medical institution-centered information system, medical information exchange will become more active. In addition, the security of personal medical information is also secured, and it is more convenient for information exchange. 

The method of documenting and archiving COVID-19 immunization history using blockchain technology is an example of how blockchain technology is being used in the medical profession. Recently, the Korean government and a startup collaborated to develop ‘coov,’ an electronic vaccination certificate app. Based on infrared blockchain, this app was useful during regulation for both vaccinated and unvaccinated persons. It also contributed to the eventual containment of COVID-19. Patients and medical institutions will be able to utilize blockchain safely if it is applied to the medical industry, due to its excellent security and dependability in medical information sharing. The use of blockchain technology can be expected to lead to advancements in the medical industry.

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By. Sungju Park