What kind of winter sports are there?

As the weather keeps getting colder, the focus on outside activities rises. However, people might not know much about the variety of winter sports. There are many winter sports that people can easily enjoy.

Ice skating

This sport is one of the popular winter sports. People often go skating with their lovers, friends, or family. Ice skating is a preferable and common choice as it is the easiest sport that people can enjoy without extensive training priorly. Furthermore, skating is available both in outdoor and indoor rinks. It is common to witness installed rinks in the cities when the winter season starts.


This sport can be considered as one of the most exciting sports among others. It is the sport of sliding down the snow-covered hills on skis with fixed heel bindings. People can ski anywhere if they visit a place that has a mountainous range with ski resorts. Furthermore, different slopes are available depending on people’s level of skiing, usually classified with colors. The blue color signifies ease, red to show intermediate level, and black for expert level.

Snow Tubing & Sledding

This sport is not a sport that makes you sweat, but it is a fun activity. People can usually see this activity next to the ski slope. Tubing and sledding are preferred more by children. This activity involves sliding down the slope with the tube.

By: Woojin Jung