Today’s Trendy Winter

What are your favorite season and favorite clothes? Many people might say fall or winter, since these two are when they can wear a variety of outerwear and jackets. Here are the three best outerwear among 30 of them.

The first item is a puffer coat. We can easily see puffer coats in freezing winter. In Korea, most people might think puffer coats are just comfortable long black coats. However, there are many more than that. The length of puffer coats varies from short to long, and there are so many details that people can add and dress up, including color. Short puffer coats are more stylish than long ones. Long puffer coats have a significant advantage in keeping the warmth in sub-zero winters. In addition to the length and colors, people can match the jackets with belts, buttons, and furs.

The second item is a wool coat. Many people love to wear coats in fall and the beginning of winter. Usually, these jackets are not as heavy as other thick jackets, and they provide a fashionable fit to people. Likewise, wool coats can offer people a great option for customizing by choosing among various shapes of patterns, collars, and lengths. On the other hand, wool coats are somewhat inconvenient and disadvantageous because they cannot be machine-washed and also because they are expensive.

The last one is a teddy jacket which I can say is one of the most comfortable jackets in the world. The jackets look like teddy bears with brown color. Although these jackets are also made of wool, teddy jackets have their own shape, mimicking the shape of a sheep which adds a sense of cuteness, unlike the wool coats.

People can express individuality with the choice of jackets, customizing with colors, lengths, and other details.

By: Hyein Hwang