Pirate Festivals?

There are so many kinds of festivals all around the world during the fall season. Many countries celebrate Halloween and many countries make their own festivals to show how diverse the community is. However in George Town, the Cayman Islands, people in the community are celebrating a Pirates week! During the festival, all people in the community are dressed up as pirates and also act, eat, and play like the pirates in the past. The location of the community is in the area of the Caribbean nation, so this is the biggest reason why people from Cayman Island are celebrating Pirates week.

On the island, the pirates’ week is selected as their own national festival, so people can know how much they love and take care of the culture that they are having. According to the official site that the team is providing, the pirates’ week festival is celebrated from Saturday 6th, November until Sunday 21st, November. From the site, it says that the festival is beginning from the Cayman Brac and moving onto Grand Cayman, and the festival will be closing on Little Cayman. Looking over the map of the Cayman Islands, the festival is a national festival as all places are selected as the place to have the festival. Also, from the introduction from the website, people are going to have happy hours with people in and out from the Islands.

The catchphrase “The pirates are coming!” seems that the event is really special and going to be unique compared to other holiday events. Using the geographical reasons and the unique culture that the people from Cayman Island are having, I am so sure that people in and outside the Islands will be enjoying the long national holiday event. I am really sad that the pandemic situation is still in the harsh case since the event seems wonderful, and I think that this event should be more popular and well-known to people around the world who are interested in this kind of unique fall festival. How about enjoying a fall festival at home with your own families while having this kind of unique fall festival like people in the Cayman Islands? It will be a wonderful choice to spend the last fall right before winter, with all people’s beloved families.

By: Eunyoung So