Vaccination plan in Korea

Since last month, the government has been inoculating the COVID-19 vaccine, AstraZeneca. The primary targets are patients of welfare facilities and workers in nursing hospitals. Initially, the next target was people aged 65 or older but was “advised” because AstraZeneca’s utility was not fully verified for them. However, AstraZeneca recently showed 60–73% infection prevention capability and reduced emergency hospitalization by 37% in the UK and the Scottland. Therefore, many EU countries have changed their stance (Inoculating Astrazeneca to over 65 years old ) as ‘Vaccination permitted.’ 

On the other hand, the primary injection is about 3,500 people daily, and a cumulative 587,884 people are inoculated, which is about 74% of the primary inoculation completion. About 60% of Israel’s population has recently completed the primary vaccinations, which reduced the number of newly infected people significantly: below 1,000 infected people, and the infection reproduction index became the lowest point, 0.78. Currently, the government is planning secondary vaccinations, and the schedule will vary depending on the vaccine supply. Through the vaccination, everyone is waiting to go back to their normal days.

Group Goal(target) Target group
Prevention of Severe and Death1. Persons admitted to collective facilities for senior citizens and employees; 2. Users of welfare facilities for the elderly and those admitted to the hospital 3. 65 years of age or older 4. Adult chronic patients 5. Adults 50 to 64
Maintaining essential medical, quarantine and social functions1. Medical workers who treat patients with Covid-19 2. Workers at high-risk medical institutions (healthcare providers) 3. Primary respondent. 4. Medical institutions and pharmacy workers (healthcare providers) 5. Soldiers, police, fire officials, and social infrastructure workers
Blocking Community transmission (collective infection)1. Residents of collective facilities (other than the elderly) and workers; 2. Pediatric facility workers, juvenile education facility workers, and child care facility workers; 3. Adults 18-49
Excluded * Can be added according to clinical results1. Children and adolescents 2. Pregnant Woman

By: Minjae Kim