What’s happening to my body?

SARS-CoV-2, also known as COVID-19, has been causing a global pandemic. Since its start, it has infected almost 200 million people, and the number keeps rising exponentially. 

But, precisely what of COVID-19 kills people? This article answers that question. The virus starts its damage from your lungs. Viruses inject their DNA, and your lung cells start making viruses until they pop and release the copied viruses. This process continues, exponentially increasing the number of infected cells. However, this is not exactly how viruses kill humans. The most considerable damage it will do is infecting your immune cells. 

The most destructive part about the virus is that it infects and manipulates your own immune system against you. Effective immune cells may effectively attack your body cells, which will cause tremendous damage. Even if we assume that your immune system has recovered, your body is exhausted, and therefore, it is vulnerable to other trivial bacterias, which exposes you to even greater danger. 

Despite a successful recovery, it will hinder them from breathing for the rest of their life as the scar cells in the lungs bar your respiration process. To sum up, COVID-19 is a deadly virus, and it will undoubtedly hunt you down even after your recovery. Please be careful and follow social distancing, wear your masks and face shields that the school provides, and sanitize your hands regularly.

By: Juno Kim