What’s the difference? : Coronavirus Vaccine

In 2020, a global epidemic named covid 19 has appeared. Companies competed with each other, and finally, Astrazeneca’s vaccine became the first coronavirus vaccine that the government confirmed. Now we have four major coronavirus vaccines in Korea. Those are the examples of the vaccines that we might get after the confirmation. 

● Pfizer 

It is an mRNA-type vaccine. Once injected, the cells churn out the spike protein, triggering the body’s immune system to recognize the virus. 

Type: mRNA. 

Doses:2, 21 Days Apart. 

Date: December 11, 2020. 

Price: $19.5. 

Efficacy: About 95% 

● Moderna

Scholars Weekly 

March 15th 

Yoonjun Song 

The Moderna vaccine is stable at 36 to 46 degrees, the temperature of a standard home or medical refrigerator. 

Type: mRNA. 

Doses:2,28 Days Apart. 

EUA date: December 18, 2020. 

Price: $25-$37 per dose 

Efficacy: About 95% 

● AstraZeneca-Oxford 

AstraZeneca and oxford university make it, and it is the first vaccine that the government approved. However, there is a controversy on efficacy. Type: Adenovirus based Doses: 2, 28 Days Apart. EUA date: January 12, 2020, in Europe. Price: $25-$37 per dose Efficacy: About 70% 

● Johnson & Johnson 

Type: Adenovirus-base. 

Doses: 1. 

Authorized Price: $10 per dose. 

Efficacy: about 72% 

Currently, we can get coronavirus news almost everywhere. Before you get a coronavirus vaccine, it would be safe if you compare each company’s vaccines.

By: Yoonjun Song