Popular Places During Fall in Korea

 Korea hosts a variety of  spaces in which people can indulge in beautiful fall sceneries. . Mountain Seolark in Gangwon is one of the hot spots during fall; people climb up the mountains to look out for the colors of nature, and appreciate the scent of fall made Seolark mountain.. Jeongeup Naejang Mountain is another hot spot in Korea where people gather and enjoy the pleasant view. Both of the spots are located near nature and are mountains. However, they are located in different areas of Korea, making each place have more uniqueness and show their advantage in their own spots. 

However, people need to in order to reach the destinations. For people who prefer traveling around near urban places, I recommend some places in Seoul. For example, Jamsil Seukchon Lake and Gyeongbokgung are both famous places for fall, where people prefer to visit. Moreover, there is one famous university that is proud of their own campus when seasons change, and that is Yonsei University. Yonsei University is located from the top of the mountain until downtown, which is surrounded with lots of nature and trees. 

But remember! We are still working and trying our best to keep the pandemic down, so until the day the pandemic threat recedes, let’s enjoy it with our family safely and sound in your home sweet home!

by. Naun Lee