The Core of Covid Vaccine Development

Unemployment, economic recession, family losses….Until just a few months ago, the world was covered with darkness due to the coronavirus outbreak. However, thanks to vaccine development, many problems have been solved and people’s lives have improved. According to the WHO, more than seven vaccines have already been administered and they are being supplied to many countries, including the United States and South Korea. The factor that made society able to recover from the epidemic and develop the vaccine was the innovation of technology. Through technology, engineers identified the structure of the coronavirus by artificial intelligence and accelerated the development of vaccines by enabling efficient execution design through data analysis. 

Through the use of the design of experiments (DOE), engineers can efficiently and quickly develop a covid vaccine. DOE is a technology-based statistics method that deals with analyzing, planning, and progressing experiments to test stability and efficiency. DOE helped technologists access vaccine development in a systematic way and reduced laboratory costs by reducing the number of experiments needed. What’s more, the results have contributed to the impact of vaccines on the world by speeding up the market release point and increasing the stability of the vaccine. Thanks to the vaccines created by the development of technology, human life has improved. With the development of innovative technologies, the world will continue to develop in the right direction.

By: Sungju Park