Current School News

From August 31st, Seoul Scholars International has started online classes due to COVID-19. The school incorporated different class schedules, and students had eight classes every day, with 35 minutes per class. 

While 35 minutes seemed very short for both teachers and students, taking all eight classes in one day was indeed difficult. At the beginning of the semester, many students struggled with the new pattern of classes. For example, some had technical difficulties every time and some confused the time schedule and couldn’t show up at the right time. But as time went by, students gradually got used to it and developed their own way to stay focused during the online classes. 

Ever since South Korea raised the social distancing level to 2.5, people have become more cautious about going outside. Similarly, students were required to stay inside their own house. Fortunately, the school was well coping with these quarantine weeks by providing effective online classes through Zoom and a new platform, Canvas. In addition, there were various other platforms that students could use such as Kahoot, Bookwidgets, Poll-everywhere, and so on. These online platforms definitely enhanced the quality of online classes, and they indicate that schools are well addressing important issues.  

Hope everyone overcomes this pandemic very soon!  

by. Lauren Kang