“New Iphone releasing”

Everyone uses an Iphone, one of the most popular smartphones in the world. Iphone 14 was released a few months ago. Iphone 15 will be released in a few months. However, the new Iphone is putting techniques that have never been implemented in Iphone before.

To begin with, the most crucial feature is the elimination of buttons on both sides of the Iphone. They are erased and replaced by touch sensors. Those sensors are different from buttons in that it provokes a feeling as if we touched the button. In fact, nothing happened virtually. Previous iPhones used this sensor for fingerprinting authentication, but it is now added to the Iphone. This technique adds additional costs to the new Iphone. However, iPhone can get closer to being perfectly waterproof as the buttons are being removed through the usage of this technique. Thus, it is worth the price.

Besides these benefits, consumers have complaints about the costs of the iPhones. They complain that Apple is raising prices without a fundamental change to the phone. There was no dramatic change in the design or function of the past iPhones except for the increasing the number of camera lenses. There is even a rumor that the number of camera lenses will increase from three to four in the new iPhone. This enraged consumers as the iPhone never made changes according to the consumers’ wants.

Therefore, the iPhone is being renovated and criticized after its release. However, the question has to do with whether the iPhone is worth buying or whether the new techniques are useful for the consumer.

By. Hyunsu Park