Exploring ChatGPT


Since its initial release on November 30, 2022, ChatGPT has changed the world. With only a few keywords, ChatGPT can compose a detailed essay in a few minutes. It has proven to be a powerful system that passed the US Medical Licensing Exam with a 60% accuracy. Experts are amused by how well-written the essays are. After ChatGPT received a passing score on the US Medical Licensing Exam, Aligned AI Chief Researcher and Co-Founder Dr. Stuart Armstrong said “This is an impressive performance […] one day, AIs will be better than us at almost every task.”

However, many people are exploiting ChatGPT because of its high performance level. Schools have already reported cases of students cheating with ChatGPT. On February 9th, a Korean international school reported Korea’s first case of cheating with ChatGPT. According to a student, some students are still using ChatGPT to complete their assignments. By only
tweaking a few words and sentences, the system avoids getting caught of plagiarism.

ChatGPT is a formidable tool but is subjected to many controversies. Society should find a way to prevent exploitation of the AI model so that people find methods to properly utilize ChatGPT.

By. Timothy Han