The Appearance of ChatGPT

So far, we have experienced AI on mobile devices like Siri or Bixby. However, a huge AI program called chatGPT recently appeared. ChatGPT provides convenience to our lives.

GPT-3, a third model of natural language processing projects, is the foundation of ChatGPT. It uses a large-scale language model that has already been trained and employs GPT-3 architectures to screen huge amounts of Internet data and sources for knowledge-based references. Artificial Intelligence has a wealth of knowledge, but communicative efficiency is what distinguishes it from other technologies. Many language-generating tasks, including language translation, summaries, text completion, question-answering, and even human speech, have been optimized for it.

ChatGPT works in a minimized and correct way. Its stages are divided into input processing, tokenization, input embedding, encoder-decoder attention, and the text generation and output. First, you contact the user type command or chatGPT’s text bar. Then, the entered text is tokenized and divided into individual words for the program to analyze. For input embedding, the tokenized text is inserted into the conversion unit of the neural network conversion. Then, the transformer encodes the text input and generates a probability distribution for all possible outputs. Then, it is generated as an output. Finally, the ChatGPT uses its own answer based on the internet.

Although the chatGPT system has disadvantages, it can be a useful tool for others. So,
the system would be a useful tool for people working with AI after some renovations.

By. David Choi