A Good Book to Read in Autumn

Have you read the mysterious novel, “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time?’ The book is about an autistic, mathematically gifted boy Christopher who discovers a dead dog in his neighbour Mrs Shears’s garden. Despite how Christopher’s father advises him not to get involved with the dead dog, he decides to investigate the case. In order to only share the beginning and not to spoil the fun of reading, I intend to stop the specific details here.   As the story goes on, lots of events explain how the main character interacts with people. The reason why the book is very interesting is because the character is different from ordinary people. Also, there are many twists and turns that make the book more fascinating. 

I suggest that you read the book in chronological order because skipping makes it less engaging. When I read the book , I was inspired by Christopher’s bravery during his investigation. In the book, Christoper decides to investigate a suspect, who kills the neighbor’s dog. His life changes drastically after he finds the truth-in a good way. From this story, I figured out that change could be better even if there is a negative consequence.

The end of the book contains parts of realism. The theme of the book is honesty and belief. All of the conflicts seem to be emerging from these keywords.

Did you know that there is a movie about this book? A rating of this movie released in 2012 is 4.3of 5. Go watch the movie if you are interested!

During fall, some people like to look at the colorful leaves. On the other hand, some people like to stay home and read books. If you are the one who loves reading books, try out these interesting stories.

by. Hayan Park

(image source : amazon.com)