Lance Armstrong and Doping

Current doping tests are hard to fool, yet many athletes still take performance enhancement drugs to gain an advantage. Today, I would like to talk about one athlete who cheated and the effect of doping on sports. One of the so-called legends of cycling, Lance Armstrong won the Le Tour de France seven times. Many people and reporters thought that it was impossible for him, someone who had cancer, to win the tour seven times without doping. However, every time his doping tests results were shown to the people, they were surprised to see that he did the negative results. It seemed as if it was impossible for them to catch him doping. However, after he retired from the Le Tour De France, he confessed that he had doped for almost every single race. 

What kind of dope did Lance Armstrong use and what were the effects? What he used is called the ‘EPO.’ (EPO was created to treat people with anemia.) In the Le Tour De France, approximately 40% of the course is uphill and the course is about 3500 km. So, it is hard for athletes to keep their breath consistently. Lance Armstrong used ‘EPO.’ This chemical liquid makes hemoglobin. Hemoglobin carries oxygen throughout our body which helps us to provide more oxygen to muscles and lets us be less tired. So, the more you have it, the more you can use your muscles and be less tired. 

He also used testosterone. This is also a common performance enhancement drug. It increases the rates of muscle synthesizing which helps athletes to have stronger muscles. It increases the ability of athletes up to more than 8%. Moreover, testosterone increases muscle size, strength, and the rates of recovery from intense exercise.

After an investigation and his admission, Lance Armstrong was stripped of his wins. Despite the risks of doping athletes continue to dope because they believe it will help them win.

By: Yoon Oh Noh