“Can LightSaber Really Exist?”

I’m sure everyone has heard of “Star Wars.” One of the most well-known films, it astounded both society and the public. The StarWars series is currently ongoing, and the most recent series was released in 2019. As people watch Star Wars, one of their main interests is the lightsaber, which is the movie’s symbolic weapon. It appears to be so awesome and powerful that many want to own it, yet most people believe it is simply a movie and that no such thing exists. 

To discuss the lightsaber, we must first understand how it works. Plasma is the dazzling blade with which we cut stuff. To put it simply, it is a powerful energy that shines in the air. A very high magnetic field and energy are required to form this plasma into a blade. There should never be a method to stop plasma from expanding outward. When you gaze at the globe below the ceiling, you will observe that the light from the globe is spreading far and wide. It is difficult to keep the light energy at the desired place. When you watch a movie, the end of the lightsaber comes to a halt at some point. That is where scientists are struggling. 

Some claim that it is feasible to create a lightsaber. According to Dr. Christopher Baird, Assistant Professor of Physics at West Texas A&M University, it is conceivable to build a physical sword out of plasma-like intense energy, but a very huge magnetic field is required. However, the equipment used to generate such magnetic fields are so enormous and heavy that they cannot be brought along to battle (Erikka 29).

By: Hyunsu Park